Where Can I Buy A 3 Sided Screwdriver?

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Where can i buy a screw driver with 3 prongs? Like a Phillips head has 4, but where can i get a 3 sided one to fix my nintendo things and my cell phone? My local hardware stores don’t have them.

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11 Responses to “Where Can I Buy A 3 Sided Screwdriver?”
  1. roche_le says:

    Abbigail A, why are all your answers have a link to Google? Are you promoting Google through YA?

  2. madIZz says:

    home depot. lowes. orchard supply hardware. ace.
    try in that order. good luck.
    maybe ask your cell phone company or nintendo.

  3. disco_st says:

    Is it shaped like a Y or is it like a T? If it’s like a T you can just use a Flathead.

  4. Sandyspa says:

    I’m sure they do , look in the security bits section. Or if not maybe they can order them. Bye

  5. Anonymous says:

    improvise….knife, very small flat head screw driver , pliers, then try a hammer…. with determination you’ll get it open

  6. OrakTheB says:

    These screws are on items that are not repairable by the DIY’er. I’m not being a smarta$$, If you new how to fix the items, you would know where to get the drivers. There is nothing behind that plate that you can fix.

  7. ifresh33 says:

    form the hard ware

  8. alformious d says:


  9. xyz says:

    black market

  10. erikfara says:

    You are looking for tamper resistant fastener tools. The bit you are looking for is the Tri-Wing Bit. Search the following sites…http://www.brycefastener.comhttp://www.tamperproof.com/index.cfm?fus…http://www.widgetsupply.com/page/WS/CTGY…
    These sites can provide you with the tools you have requested.

  11. Kelsey says:

    at the 3 sided screwdriver store, of course

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