What Type Of Flooring Can Be Laid Over A Concrete Slab?

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We just removed musty smelling carpet from a small lake side cottage. I’d like hardwood and area rugs but have been warned against hardwood over concrete. Ceramic tile is not an option because its too hard on the knees. Any suggestions n materials to use and installation will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Guitarpi says:

    Simple, seal the concrete against moisture and then apply your preference in floor covering. The concrete must be etched with acid (don’t worry it’s not as bad as it seems, just pore on etcher then rinse off and allow to dry and apply a concrete sealer. The folks at your local Sherwin Williams will be happy to provide you with instruction booklets and professional tips. This will allow you to use any flooring,yes even hardwood,but above is a good point about spacing edges.

  2. Michii_1 says:

    You can put a layer over the floor before installing hardwood planks if you like the look of those. We have this little foam like layer we put down before we did our hardwood floors. It’s like a padding. Some planks even come with it already on the back side, mostly those are laminate floors that look like hardwood, but they can still be nice.

  3. Lauren says:

    The reason you shouldn’t use hardwood on concrete is because it will draw moisture through the concrete into the wood and ruin your floor over time. You could go with a synthetic wood floor which would avoid this problem. Another choice would be cork as long it has a non wood backing which most cork does since it’s cheaper to make this way. Cork installs like a synthetic wood floor (Pergo) where as it doesn’t get nailed to the substrate but instead “floats” over top and the pieces are either glued together or snap locked together. You could also put carpet down with a rubber backing or vinyl sheet goods.
    There are tons of choices…go to a flooring showroom (not a home depot) and look around for ideas and speak with a rep there

  4. frog_h says:

    well either carpet or they have the vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood…some of it doesn’t actually look bad at all. Just don’t go w/ anything really cheap.

  5. spartan_ says:

    I was going to suggest ceramic tile, until I read the rest of your question because it is truly th ebest flooring to go over concrete. How about a large area rug over it?

  6. michael g says:

    Floating wood floor over the foam underlayment and a sheet of polyethylene to keep out the moisture.

  7. amyhowet says:

    Any flooring can be laid over a concrete slab. Just make sure you check your contractor very good. My husband has been in every aspect of home building. Make sure you check references and go to the address to see their work.

  8. goldengi says:

    why not treat the concrete and then color it and put a coat over it ..this look is highly desirable..and practical .. there are glues that go over the concrete which then you can adhere linoleum tiles

  9. robling_ says:

    Any flooring. But you said the carpet was musty, so you may have a moisture problem. It may just be humid and the cottage is closed up, etc. But if it is moisture coming in, you need to fix that problem first.
    As far as choices, hardwood, as long as you have a vapor barrier is OK. I usually don’t suggest laminate floors, but in this case it may be ideal. Either glue together or snap together, so you don’t have to worry about nailing it down. Durable to rustic conditions. Low maintenance. Who wants to be at the lake house and worry about cleaning. Easy to install, you could do it yourself in a weekend. Draw backs are the spongy feeling, but you said you wanted something easy on the knees, and if seriously damaged very hard to repair, but its a lake house, how much do you use it?

  10. TwisterC says:

    Hardwood over concrete is doable if the floors don’t get noticably damp. The mistake some people make is to not leave a gap 1/4-1/2″ along the edges so as to let the wood expand and contract in the changing seasons. If you do not leave this gap the floor will buckle in the spring/summer. Also consider laminate “fake” wood flooring. Installation is super simple and some brands even have the foam cushioning pre- attached to each peice. Leave the gap at the edges!

  11. Gitchy gitchy ya ya da da says:

    You can put hardwood over concrete. You may need a vapor barrier and depending on the floor material some underlayment, but if you want hardwood there is no reason why you can’t have it.
    Laminated wood flooring that installs over a foam backing may be what you’re looking for.

  12. Jane W says:

    Laminate flooring like Pergo goes down quite nicely over concrete.

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