How Much To Put Vinyl Siding On This House?

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i am going to buy this house but the wood siding looks like s**t
what is your guess? ANY SIDERS OUT THEIR?

Need Some Advices On House Siding?

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I plan to make some home improvements by installing the house siding. My contractor suggested to use Royal Crest which is 0.040″ under one of Royal Building Products. Is this brand name good and reliable? Is 0.040″ good enough in New York City? What is the most common color for people to choose for house siding?
Thanks in advance.

We Are Thinking About Buying A House, Is It A Good Value??

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Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been talking about buying a house. His father is a contractor and is always finding a few good deals. He found a modular home for $70,000. Its on .57 acres on the lake. His father said that if we bought it and lived there for two years and fixed it up a bit, we could sell it for double. The guy is desperate that is why it is so cheap. So is it a good deal? Also if we put vinyl siding on it, would it raise the value of the house? Because that blue stuff on there is just HORRIBLE!!!!!! Thank you.

Removing Vinyl Siding Installed Over Wood Siding To Restore House To Original Condition?

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My wife and I just purchased a 16 year old house late 2006. The previous owner was the only owner and right after he bought the house in 1990 he had vinyl siding installed over the cedar wood siding (with foam insulation in between). My wife and I would like to restore the house back to it’s wood siding configuration, however, we are concerned about the condition of the wood siding. If it was new when the vinyl siding was put on, is it safe to assume it will still be in great condition after we take the vinyl siding off? We live in Western Washington, where there is a lot of moisture, so we are worried that some how, some moisture may have been trapped between the vinyl siding and the wood siding, potentially causng rotting problems. I also heard that because moisture from inside the house travels through the walls to outside, it may get trapped in the original wood siding due to the foam and vinyl siding acting as a barrier for its escape. Anyone have experience with this?

What Would Cost More Building A House Or Buying And Then Renovating?

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We are moving to Ontario, in the Owen Sound area (within an hours radius from there) and are trying to decide whether to build or buy and then renovate. What would cost more…to build outright (including cost of land) or to buy and then do quite a few renovations…ie bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room???? We want to do either out in the country side.

Under House Pink Installation????

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I asked this question a few days ago. I got a lot of people saying both…so I’m not sure which is right yet..
Someone in my family had installation put under his house. It’s the type of installation that’s pink fiber glass on one side and paper on the other. The people who did it put the paper side up, towards the floor and pink side down. So when you look under the house you can see the pink. Some family members say it’s done right, and some say it’s done wrong (upside down) WHICH IS THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! If you have any websites that can back it up post a link please, if not just tell me which way you think is right! THANK YOU!!!!

What Is The Best Option For Buying Your Parents House, When You Have Bad Credit And No Downpayment?

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My inlaws have two homes. It has been long known when they were near retirement, their daughter (my wife) would buy the oldest of the homes, the one all the kids grew up in.
We have little to no cash down and our credit scores are in the high 500’s. The inlaws are willing to do almost anything to help us get into the home, even staging an elvated price to make it look like we dropped a big downpayment, though we can not prove it beyond word of mouth. Living there paying rent for a year may be another option, before we take owner ship of the house.
The house will be going on the very low side of the price range for this area at approx $200k. Average house price in this area is $350k or higher. We can afford the monthly depending on interest rate as we are already paying $1000/month rent now.
Any advice would be greatly apprecaited. Again little or no money down, poor credit, willful inlaws, and a family history in the house.

Will My Taxes Go Up If I Replace The Siding On My House?

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I just bought a home and I would like to replace the siding. Will my taxes go up if I do that?

Buying A 4 Year Old Home Without House Wrap?

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I just had a home that I have an offer on inspected today. I live in WI. He pointed out that the home does not have house wrap beneath the vinyl siding. He makes no opinion about this, but I am unsure as to whether or not I should buy the house. He said I could caulk around the windows and doors to seal out moisture? But I am wondering if I should not buy the house?

Buying A House In Another State?

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My wife and I are planning on getting the heck out of California and moving to Missouri (we have friends there). Next year we are getting a large tax return and we want to find a way to purchase a house before we get there. Living in a hotel for a few weeks would deplete our finances to the point where we could not afford a down payment. Obviously, trying to buy a home on the other side of the US poses some HUGE problems, and the internet is never the best way to evaluate a home. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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