Is It Advisable To Install Vinyl Siding Over Asbestos Siding?

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We are looking at a house to buy which has asbestos siding. The siding is in good condition, no major breaks/cracks. However, we would like to eventually vinly side the house and wondered if just going over the old siding would be fine. I have heard that it is OK to do so if the asbestos siding is in good condition. Anyone know if this is a good idea?

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5 Responses to “Is It Advisable To Install Vinyl Siding Over Asbestos Siding?”
  1. Me says:

    I JUST HAD THIS DONE AT MY HOUSE, I had asbestos, but had it removed first because it can break underneath and cause ripples in the siding. DO NOT GO OVER ASBESTOS by removing it the house is then worth more because there is no more asbestos and you will never have to worry. Just take one hit to the asbestos and watch how it breaks like glass. They will be nailing through it and it WILL break. It does not cost as much as everyone thinks, most people are just afraid of it. Get estimates done from a few places and tell them you want the asbestos removed.

  2. ce1n says:

    Yes. vinyl Siding will keep the asbestos siding from becoming an environmental hazard. And save you about $500k so that it doesn’t need removal. My parents just did this to avoid having to remove the asbestos at their place.

  3. fluffern says:

    As long as the siding isn’t failing…….which you said it isn’t, installing an overcover is fine. In fact it’s probably the best solution. Asbestos doesn’t need to be removed untill it is unstable. Plus it will save you a small fortune in removal.

  4. susienlu says:

    If it is in good condition, then yes, you can put the new vinyl siding over top of it.
    Be sure to have an inspector check it out to make sure though, as there may be problems that are unseen.
    Good luck with your new house!

  5. Becky E says:

    yea but you should have it removed for health purposes. anyway.

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