Can I Install Gable Vents Over Siding?

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I have T1-11 siding. I had gable vents but we removed the old vents and covered the holes with the new siding.
Now, we would like to install new gable vents.
I am thinking that I should be able to cut holes in the siding where the old vents used to be and then install new gable vents on top of the siding, as long as they have some sort of nailing flange.
Then caulk around the edges and either attach a vent cover?? of add wood trim around the vent.
Does this sound like it would work? Does it sound like it would keep water out, etc?

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4 Responses to “Can I Install Gable Vents Over Siding?”
  1. Charlie F says:

    Read the instructions that come with the vent, and calk the h*|| our of it. I’d go with wood trim, it will look better with T1-11 siding.

  2. Rob G says:

    I don’t know why you would want a vent cover, you need attic ventilation, anyway caulk before installing the vent , (between the vent and siding,not around the vent). And definitely use wood trim around it.That will make it look like much less of an after thought!

  3. Oliver says:

    it would be better to put a ridge vent in . gable vents are ok but a ridge vent is better. good luck

  4. mark3321 says:

    yes, that can be done. make sure the ‘J’ channel, trim etc… is done right.

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